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Going back….   Leave a comment

The impact of my rape on my child has become apparent.

I am doing the only thing I can do and that is get more counselling for myself. 

For the first time today I heard a RC counsellor talking about breathing, relaxation, filtering triggers…I am sure others have talked to me about this stuff but i didn’t hear them.  Its only now that I can see the effect on my now adult child that my ears are pinned back.

When self love is in short supply. Love of another can spur us into action.


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The Irish Abortion debate:   Leave a comment

Raised a Catholic, there was something I was absolutely clear about, had I become pregnant as a result of the rape I would have had an abortion.

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Anger   Leave a comment

Since the rape ANGER has been a huge problem.

All those trite psychological advisors who talk about a short temper being related to perfectionism don’t even begin to explain the anger reaction to rape.

My personality type is easy going, I don;t like to make a fuss about things, i accept things, i avoid things, especially confrontation.

Not any more.  I am fermenting with anger.  I despise bullies. I hate being emotionally manipulated. I hate people who ride roughshod over my peace in life.  I now react strongly when people piss me off.  But yes I do go off the deep end.  So I have to rein it in.

The worst part is the damage to my personal relationships. It means that I am often isolated, hence the need to blog.

I react strongly to gossipy, high handed, snobbish, smug people  – and bossy aggressive people, bring it on.  I am your woman.

So if there is ever anything positive about being raped, then for me this is it, I no longer suffer fools at all.

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