Talking, walking, working and laughing.   1 comment

It does work. Years of theraphy, blogging, remembering, painting, writing. Spilling it all out helps the healing. It works.

Twenty five years and 4 months ago I was raped at gunpoint by two bandits in Belize.  Its a huge X rated movie that has played in my head for quarter of a century.

Its doesn’t stand alone. My childhood was checkered with abusive episodes.

Whatever your experience you can counter it.

You can spill. You can talk and tell. Write. Paint. Shout. Rave. Let it out. Let it go.

Those who hurt you do not spend a second wondering about what they did.  They don’t care. They have no interest. It does not affect them. So don’t give them the power to live forever in your mind. Eject them. They are history and they are gone.

You are no longer that child. You are no longer a victim. You survived.

I survived.

Now I laugh about The Belizean Alarm Call, being awoken by shotgun yielding thugs.

I laugh about the demise of those who hurt me. Not that I ever punished them. Karma did that all on its own.  They are gone, Tiny little meaningless little people who can never hurt me again.

The world is full of abusive people. My duty is not to become one of them. My duty is to stay away from them. My duty is to make sure i never meet them or their like again,

I am safe now. I have someone really special looking-out for me. Me, Myself, I. Talking, Walking. Working. Laughing.


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One response to “Talking, walking, working and laughing.

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  1. I could use a pen pal like you.

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