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Race and Rape.   Leave a comment

As a young woman I read Maya Angelou, Toni Morrison, Audrey Lorde. A clear message emanated from these writers. Black men are perceived to be rapists.  That message became embedded in my thinking.

When I was raped by Black men I felt conflicted about the stereotype.  I went to a Black counsellor and told her that I feared becoming a racist.  She provided me with various exercises to separate my emotional responses to Black men and my core beliefs.

For a long time I didn’t say that the men who raped me were Black.  Memories of my Black sisters’ writing made it feel wrong to do so.

White men rape, this we know. So do Black men, and men of every race, creed and colour.

The electifying shock that my daughter has moved to Harlem was an emotional response.  She is travelling independently, as I was. She stands out, as I did.  She could be victimised because of her colour in that context.

With luck and sanity prevailing I am proud of her. Proud that she does not possess the knee jerk reaction to living in a predominantly Black area that would be the response of a racist. 

I am still disentangling the emotional responses that could push me into racist terrain.  Non of this is easy.





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