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2. Silences

You could hear the silence for miles around
no ticking clocks
no bird calls
no cattle lowing
nor chicken’s cluck
silence only silence
for miles and miles around the sunny afternoon lay buried
in silences’ vale

sighing she lay across her bed
the sun cruised through the window
it warmed her naked flesh
sighing she lay
how could there be such a day

she had to tell Them
it was too late to go
she heard Their hearts breaking on the stairwell
he sat capping honey
She cried into her hands
the guilt of burdening them

Why did you go there?
Was all he said.
Then he stopped himself and left
They all knew
It wasn’t her fault
She didn’t want this to happen
Had she been a fault?
She questioned herself.

Guilt, shame and silence were the reward
silenced forever in silence’s glade
shrivelling on the inside
stumbling through life
she heard the silence daily
in swathes and swathes and swathes.


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