Anniversary Waltz versus Belizean Alarm Call.   Leave a comment


It is 25 years ago on 25th June since I was raped at gunpoint in Belize.

TWENTY FIVE years, i’m shouting.  TWENTY FIVE YEARS……..I will survive.

Almost since it happened I have referred to it as the Belizean Alarm Call…..because they woke us from our sleep, shouting and yielding shotguns.

I wonder where they are now? Those men who stole my body, probably other women’s bodies too.  Are they sleeping soundly? Are they guilt free? My best guess is that they are dead and buried, at times my imagination has done everything possible to annihilate them, you really don’t want to know the nasty video games that go on in my head, lets just say it would break all censorship laws on violence.

Don’t know how I am going to celebrate yet.  I am going to celebrate. BIG TIME.

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Posted May 14, 2014 by raperelatedptsdsurvivor in Uncategorized

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