Our local rape crisis centre is advertising for a therapist…..   Leave a comment

Our local rape crisis centre is advertising for a therapist. Its a nervous time. Will they find someone willing to take on such demanding work? For those on the waiting list it is all the more intriguing. Waiting for a special someone who can take the strain of listening, hour upon hour,to undiluted pain. We are all different. Some people have resources enough to bounce back. Some take it on the chin………..so to speak. For very many, recovery is a much slower process. It can depend on a mindset, your values, your self belief. It can depend on your sensitivity to a range of stimuli which reinforce the idea that rape is acceptable. One woman recounts how her father, in his 80s, recently said, ‘well, you didn’t mind being raped by them other fellows you were with’, he was saying out loud what many others believe. That rape is only about sex. He was saying that the absolute violence and violation of rape is no different to a woman experiencing her own sensual and sexual pleasure. The ‘whore’ scenario. Once defiled in any way, the madonna deserves anything she gets. Why else do they concentrate so hard on a woman’s sexual history when she takes the matter to court? For many people the ongoing trauma of childhood sexual abuse manifests itself in drugs, drink, gambling, violence, myraid addictions and maladjustments to adult norms. The earlier the negative sexual experience the harder it is to overcome. For some, we are all different. The daily stuggle to survive with constant triggers and reminders. the nightmares, the flashbacks, the silencing by ‘respectable society’ , force many into islolation, fear, phobia and depression. Anxiety becomes a constant companion, hypervigiliance the norm. Nothing is ever the same again. To have been raped is to have suffered a fundamental loss, the loss of a sense of self. Loss of trust, loss of hope, loss of joy. In its place is fear, fear that it will happen again, fear that the mind will never recover………….which it won’t without the listening ear of our therapuetic friend. I do hope that they find someone soon for our small town, for your small village, for the girl in the next block, because it is essential to survival. it makes the difference between feeling suicidal and actually dying.


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