The physical pain of RR-PTSD   Leave a comment

Something that I had not been aware of until quite recently is the physical symptoms of PTSD.

Constant hypervigilance means that your body is stressed by being held ‘taut’ a lot of the time.  My whole body hurts now, and my doctor says it is arthritis.  While I am sure she is right the pain has made me focus more on how I hold myself, my posture, sitting positions etc.

I have often noticed brusing inside my arms where I have clenched myself so tightly I have left finger marks. I have been totally unaware that I was doing this.

I am now trying to make a more conscious effort to get into relaxed positions.  I notice that I often sit on the edge of the couch rather than laid back into the full cushion with my head rested.  I have developed a habit of leaning on my upper legs or knees with my elbows when i am sitting. At times I leave bruising, but I also strain my back, legs and arms by doing this.

Then of course there is the teeth.  The grinding of the teeth, the strain on the jaw of constanly being on edge.

Relaxation theraphy is surely the way to go with this one.

I joined a walking group this morning….this is historically positive action on my part.  Not only am i connecting with other people, I am exercising and taking care of me.  This is a very exciting time to be living my life, I consciously taking action, those poor sad old rapists, I imagine that they are lying dead in the gutter somewhere, or got caught robbing and raping someone else and are in jail.  They will never win, they will not destroy me. I am Woman Talking.


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